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Elegir resaltador de sintáxis


Pues ni lo dudes, lo mejor que he probado es el
Va por la version 3 y algo, pero la 2 sigue siendo mas que suficiente. Soporta practicamente todos estos lenguajes, y solo hay que poner el código entre unas etiquetas de de la forma [lenguaje] [/lenguaje]
lenguaje puede ser cualquiera de los de la tabla, utilziando el brush alias, por ejemplo:

Brush name Brush aliases
ActionScript3 as3, actionscript3
Bash/shell bash, shell
ColdFusion cf, coldfusion
C# c-sharp, csharp
C++ cpp, c
CSS css
Delphi delphi, pas, pascal
Diff diff, patch
Erlang erl, erlang
Groovy groovy
JavaScript js, jscript, javascript
Java java
JavaFX jfx, javafx
Perl perl, pl
PHP php
Plain Text plain, text
PowerShell ps, powershell
Python py, python
Ruby rails, ror, ruby
Scala scala
SQL sql
Visual Basic vb, vbnet
XML xml, xhtml, xslt, html, xhtml

Y un monton de parametros configurables para cada vez que se usa:

autolinks — Toggle automatic URL linking.
classname — Add an additional CSS class to the code box.
collapse — Toggle collapsing the code box by default, requiring a click to expand it. Good for large code posts.
firstline — An interger specifying what number the first line should be (for the line numbering).
gutter — Toggle the left-side line numbering.
highlight — A comma-sperated list of line numbers to highlight. You can also specify a range. Example: 2,5-10,12
htmlscript — Toggle highlighting any extra HTML/XML. Good for when you’re mixing HTML/XML with another language, such as having PHP inside an HTML web page. The above preview has it enabled for example. This only works with certain languages.
light — Toggle light mode which disables the gutter and toolbar all at once.
padlinenumbers — Controls line number padding. Valid values are false (no padding), true (automatic padding), or an integer (forced padding).
title (v3 only) — Sets some text to show up before the code. Very useful when combined with the collapse parameter.
toolbar — Toggle the toolbar (buttons in v2, the about question mark in v3)
wraplines (v2 only) — Toggle line wrapping.

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